18 Feb 2011

Life list...

Consolidating and affirming my life focus, and here it is in all it's scary glory!

1. America Road trip
2. Machu Picchu
3. Perform in a musical
4. Get good at ballet
5. Sell a piece of artwork
6. Learn sign language
7. Go skiing
8. Go surfing
9. Go paddle boarding
10. Go rock climbing
11. Rescue more rabbits
12. Get my degree
13. Become a certified and practising counsellor
14. Use my counselling skills voluntarily
15. Rescue a dog
16. Northern Lights
17. Triathlon
18. Marathon
19. Have a creative blog as a business
20. Write a book
21. Create my perfect home
22. Go camping
23. Become a master free from cook
24. Jump into a chilly lake
25. Fly first class
26. Do 100 nice deeds for strangers
27. Go on a roller coaster
28. Go on a super romantic holiday
29. Become super flexible at yoga
30. Wake up early and like it
31. Remember all birthdays in a year
32. Learn to be punctual
33. Stonehenge
34. Disneyland
35. Look for Nessie
36. Rub a big Buddha’s belly
37. Gamble in Vegas
38. Skinny dip
39. Surprise party
40. Have a small holding
41. Try being vegetarian
42. Try being vegan
43. Try living with very little money
44. Create my life handbook
45. Learn to feel ok about making stupid mistakes
46. Stay in a log cabin with a fire
47. Berlin
48. Make out in a photo booth
49. Watch turtles hatch out and run into the sea
50. Do a job that makes a difference in the world
51. Go to Norway and see the fjords
52. Go to Brazil for carnival
53. China -Hong Kong
54. Japan - Tokyo
55. Buy skincare in a swish French pharmacy
56. Know where my meat comes from
57. Meditate
58. Make art for my home
59. Russia
60. Learn a new language
61. Find and stay at my happy weight
62. Learn to roller skate
63. Climb a mountain
64. Bartend
65. Be totally silent
66. See a sun rise and then set
67. Learn the constellations
68. Learn [or re learn] an instrument
69. Win something
70. Go on a totally spontaneous trip
71. Get wet in a waterfall
72. Read. Read. Read some more
73. Say thank you for good service
74. Make awesome origami
75. Inspire other people to live the life they can only imagine
76. See cherry blossoms in Japan
77. Let go of resentment
78. Have a really good picnic
79. Take loads of photos
80. Have kids. Survive kids
81. Bring up balanced kids
82. Go abseiling
83. Go base jumping
84. Do a cartwheel [well!]
85. Do a somersault
86. Go to Mongolia
87. Find my inner athlete
88. Floss
89. Have shiny hair and fresh skin
90. Grow and eat my own fruit and veg
91. Learn to sew
92. Go horse riding
93. Run 10k
94. Drink more water
95. Stop using products tested on animals
96. Make a gift for everyone on my xmas list to be green and save £
97. Weekly yoga practise for one month
98. Art every day journal for 365 consecutive days
99. Don’t waste food
100. Love. Live
101. Get a tattoo

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