26 Apr 2011

Miss Poppy

Today I lost a beautiful friend. She held on so we could say goodbye, and I love her. We spent 6 short [but they seemed long] months together. I remember the first day she came to our house in a white wire mesh box and nosily, but nervously, explored my living room. With soft and emo white hair on her forehead and pinky blue eyes I fell for Miss Poppy. A nine year old pedigree Himalayan used by a pet shop as a breeding machine for years. She was kept in a filthy cage, at the bottom of a dirty garden and had lots and lots of babies. For six months she lived in her own private suite [read my office], basked in the sunshine and went outside and waved her fringe in the wind on the first warm spring afternoon we had her company. She did not like Sam at first but over evenings of mini carrots and gentle talking they made good friends. She would wait with her feet on the edge of the bars for her nightime treat. Before trying to whip off with it.

 She hated the hoover, was very suspicious of the electric toothbrush and loved to hide behind the sofa. She left us two pee stained patches and a ripped up section of carpet behind the office sofa. On nights we would hear her stomping upstairs around dinner time, but late weekend breakfasts were never taken with offence. I have never know a rabbit so quiet they could sleep in the next room and never wake you.
On her last night with us Poppy pinched a grape off Sam. We realised she was having trouble and she slept in our room. The next lunchtime she went calmly, and as cool as a cucumber after hugs, kisses and a few warm tears. There is a hole in our home and our hearts that will not be filled, and we thank her so very much for waiting for us to say goodbye.

18 Apr 2011

Dance to your own beat

I was taught by my dad that your job can make or break you. It can crush your spirit and make you sad. Or it can motivate, lift and reward you.

How you get to a 'good' job is a secret no one tells you. It's one of those secrets adults don't let you in on [like living on your own might be fun, but there will be a lot of dishes]. I did not go to university, I left school with good grades and no clue what to do with my future. I worked. HARD. I temped, interviewed, got rejected and accepted. I learnt how to type, smile, do numbers and talk to people. I did lots of talking.

People noticed my can do attitude and took chances on me. I proved them that chances were worth taking. I made a big U turn from working in a comfy, secure public sector job to a tiny community project in a deprived area, taking a big pay cut and equally big risk. I used the same skills learnt at the start, and lots of listening.

This week I got the offer letter for my dream job. A community mental worker at a women's orgnasiation. I will work part time and study to be a counsellor part time. I earn the same as my boyfriend who spent 4 years in education and now in some debt.

There is no right or wrong way to get to where you want to be, but if you don't feel like following the crowd - that's ok. You cannot sit at home watching TV and life will work out a job for you, but you can choose to dance to your own career path tune. I credit my parents for giving me lots of things that helped me on my way [manners, being friendly to everyone and remembering never to judge], but if your parents missed some good building blocks, learn them yourself. Teach youself what you need to know to get on, always be waiting to learn the next new thing.

As I finish one job, and move towards being the *new girl* again, I feel just a little bit smug as I dance away to my own beat, and love every moment of it.

ps. Golden rule - never quit a job until you have one lined up!!

11 Apr 2011

7 workouts, 7 days a week. 4 weeks.

Oh nelly.

I have set myself a challenge to get my fundraising for Tyneside Rape Crisis off to a good start this year. As the title suggests, a month of consecutive workouts, with no days off. 28 workouts. I started today with a 20 minute run and some core exercises. While I was out , I realised that I want people to know that I'm serious about this. I thought about sexual violence and how strong survivors are. I'm committed to help them get even stronger. Are you?

First donation to my just giving page gets a yummy treat baked and delivered to their door by yours truly.

6 Apr 2011

22 before 22

The sun is out which means by birthday is coming round the mountain very soon! I have 7 full weeks before I turn 22 and I want to mark my birthday by accomplishing 22 fun things [and having a party...]! Some items are off my life list and others are just little bit and bobs I want to get done. The idea came from http://makingitlovely.com/ a blog I love and live on! Plus, spring feels like a time for getting projects underway and having fun and I just love a good list:
  1. Lose those pesky last two pounds
  2. Make art for my home
  3. Blog every week
  4. Link into someone else's blog
  5. Win something
  6. Have a really good picnic
  7. Floss every day
  8. Stop wasting food
  9. Start some origami
  10. Read 7 books [make a list of books i've read]
  11. Cook vegetarian food
  12. Play with my pets every day
  13. Complete my garden remodel
  14. Paint the bedroom
  15. Make easter cards/gifts for family
  16. Weekly date night
  17. Do my to-do list every day
  18. Eat at the table most nights
  19. Do some yoga
  20. Finish photo frame project
  21. Play on rockband and pretend to be ringo
  22. Turn 22 with grace.
 Picture updates and news to follow! Just a little picture of chip basking in the sun in our old city apartment. Actually he looks quite evil!!

*there are only more photos of chip because he sits still for longer!

2 Apr 2011

Wedding update...

Just a quick one, having a quiet day in my pjs as in the midst of some hurty tooth problems. Pictures from the wedding...

Beautiful day x