6 Apr 2011

22 before 22

The sun is out which means by birthday is coming round the mountain very soon! I have 7 full weeks before I turn 22 and I want to mark my birthday by accomplishing 22 fun things [and having a party...]! Some items are off my life list and others are just little bit and bobs I want to get done. The idea came from http://makingitlovely.com/ a blog I love and live on! Plus, spring feels like a time for getting projects underway and having fun and I just love a good list:
  1. Lose those pesky last two pounds
  2. Make art for my home
  3. Blog every week
  4. Link into someone else's blog
  5. Win something
  6. Have a really good picnic
  7. Floss every day
  8. Stop wasting food
  9. Start some origami
  10. Read 7 books [make a list of books i've read]
  11. Cook vegetarian food
  12. Play with my pets every day
  13. Complete my garden remodel
  14. Paint the bedroom
  15. Make easter cards/gifts for family
  16. Weekly date night
  17. Do my to-do list every day
  18. Eat at the table most nights
  19. Do some yoga
  20. Finish photo frame project
  21. Play on rockband and pretend to be ringo
  22. Turn 22 with grace.
 Picture updates and news to follow! Just a little picture of chip basking in the sun in our old city apartment. Actually he looks quite evil!!

*there are only more photos of chip because he sits still for longer!

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