28 Mar 2011

How to glow

Today I needed a rest. I felt the direct opposite of this picture.

Ineeded; a rest from working out. A rest from eating junk. A rest from planning, thinking and churning out thoughts from my mind. A rest from my negative self talk. This afternoon I took a rest, and good things happened. I organised all my paperwork and calendar for the upcoming month. I listened to a podcast by Jillian Michaels and learned about GMOs. I cooked dinner from scratch, including a healthy dessert. I planned every meal for this week. I bagged up 10 portions of almonds so I have a healthy snack for on-the-go moments. I downloaded yoga podcasts. I let miss poppy out to stretch her legs. I spent a bit of me-time.

I let my mind and body calm down from the stress of eating bad things and good things happened. I was productive, and I made progress. I know that nutrition is 80% of the battle. I can workout consistently and I enjoy it - but I burn out very, very quickly if I am not fuelling my body well.

How do I expect my body to get through 5 workouts a week on 2 cups of water a day, lots and lots of sugar and very few nutrients? No wonder I feel tired! I am going to focus on eating an unprocessed diet. Nothing major, just those little baby steps towards eating clean. More things from the ground, less from packets.

Off to make a healthy lunch and get some beauty sleep in. Maybe I'll wake up with as much glow as goldie.....
Speaking of glowing.... I heart this blog.


27 Mar 2011

Sunday issues

I don't think I am the only person that does this. Sometime on a Sunday, this feeling starts circling me, looming and lurking in the shadows until it hits. Did I do enough with my week? Could I have worked out more? Argh I made bad food choices.... Oh crap, I've still got to hoover/clean my entire house/do 10 loads of washing/organise myself/make a food plan/figure out what career I should be doing/know who I amany variation of the above.

Today I read this article  http://celestinechua.com/blog/empowering-routines/

As part of my move towards an empowering routine - I am going to watch just 1 hour of TV each day this week. And I plan to do activites that fill me with energy and move me towards my goals.

24 Mar 2011

So the weekend starts early tonight for the very exciting wedding tomorrow. Keeping everything crossed for good weather and had to post this picture. A really good disapproval from Chip. Have had ideas jangling about in my head about the purpose/direction of this blog that noone reads.... I will update me readers [me] soon.

15 Mar 2011

Spring Wedding

The up and coming Deeble - Lowther wedding has inspired my stylebook...
The items I will be wearing will not be exactly the same and I will post pictures of the actual day. Hoping I can get Mr. P to wear a blue/cream corsage in his suit...... The venue is a beautiful church in Rothbury and then Linden Hall - pictured - for the reception.

Makeup and hair inspired by Kiera from 'The Edge of Love' that I watched this weekend.