28 Mar 2011

How to glow

Today I needed a rest. I felt the direct opposite of this picture.

Ineeded; a rest from working out. A rest from eating junk. A rest from planning, thinking and churning out thoughts from my mind. A rest from my negative self talk. This afternoon I took a rest, and good things happened. I organised all my paperwork and calendar for the upcoming month. I listened to a podcast by Jillian Michaels and learned about GMOs. I cooked dinner from scratch, including a healthy dessert. I planned every meal for this week. I bagged up 10 portions of almonds so I have a healthy snack for on-the-go moments. I downloaded yoga podcasts. I let miss poppy out to stretch her legs. I spent a bit of me-time.

I let my mind and body calm down from the stress of eating bad things and good things happened. I was productive, and I made progress. I know that nutrition is 80% of the battle. I can workout consistently and I enjoy it - but I burn out very, very quickly if I am not fuelling my body well.

How do I expect my body to get through 5 workouts a week on 2 cups of water a day, lots and lots of sugar and very few nutrients? No wonder I feel tired! I am going to focus on eating an unprocessed diet. Nothing major, just those little baby steps towards eating clean. More things from the ground, less from packets.

Off to make a healthy lunch and get some beauty sleep in. Maybe I'll wake up with as much glow as goldie.....
Speaking of glowing.... I heart this blog.


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