26 Jan 2012

Life Lists

I have rejigged my life list. Before it was prescriptive, and I was trying to force myself to become a better person through my list. WRONG on so many levels. Inspired by the always inspiring Nicole at Making it Lovely [yes I did use her lovely in my bloggy name] I made my list longer, more flexible and open. And it has a health warning attached to it.

I also set no resolutions this year. Because I use them like a stick to beat myself up with

Haven't run a marathon yet -  what are you playing at ??? Fool! You are TOO lazy. 

That is my delightful internal dialogue.

Amusingly, things that got thrown off the list:

101. Get a tattoo
81. Bring up balanced kids 
83. Go base jumping
75. Inspire other people to live the life they can only imagine 
64. Bartend 
62. Learn to roller skate
44. Create my life handbook
37. Gamble in Vegas
18. Marathon 

I am never going to pull off a tattoo and am more than happy to admire them on others. I am not going to set out any expectations for my kids [if they ever exist!].

Base jumping - I didn't actually know what this was, it just sounded cool. No 75 is so pretentious I can't believe I wrote it and I don't like drinking or gambling, yes I am a geek. 

Love my new list.

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