22 Apr 2012

Craft attack: Easter

Better late than never - here is a little tutorial of what we gave as Easter gifts this year. The idea could work for any occasion, with any candy, and any message.

You will need

A small ramekin of some kind - I bought the pink hearts from Ikea
Tissue paper in fun colours
Craft paper with fun patterns on
Fabric or another kind of paper
Pinking shears or wavy blade scissors
Candy to fill ramekin with
 Pen, fabric pen or something to write your message with

First - line your ramekin with tissue paper and fill with enough candy so you can fit a flat lid on top
Draw around a spare ramekin on the back of craft paper - cut with funky siccors just over the line so you have some room to go wrong! If you are just doing one - do this step first!
Write out your message on contrasting paper. I used my typewrtier but you could handwrite, print out, anything you fancy.
Assemnle your  item - fold in the tissue paper and apply a little bit of glue just around the top edge of the dish. Stick your message onto the fabric section, and then the fabric onto the lid. I also added a little string bow for extra cuteyness. Then stick the whole lid onto the dish.
Voila! Finished product.
I made about six in an hour - a quick, cute last minute craft.

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