2 May 2011

Berlin: Part I

This week I have come to see my big sister in Berlin. I have been here two days and I love this city, it is young, arty and so interesting. All the history makes this a place a hotbed of political and artistic activity - there has been the traditional May 1st street festival/riot during my short stay. The wall is.... well to be honest smaller than I had imagined but still very imposing. What a stupid thing to say!!

So far we have been here...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiser_Wilhelm_Memorial_Church a church bombed in the war and being restored undercover, to a beautiful antique market where I wanted to buy everything (pictures to follow soon), and here.... http://www.kadewe.de/. Awesome department store where the fruit look fake and the tea is so fruity it knocked my socks off. Did some shopping too but thought I would do a little picture update later....

To end a little idea of me trying to do a cool berlin style. Enjoying having crazy undone hair.


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