15 May 2011

Life update...

A lot has happened in the last three weeks.

I lost a pet, gained a pet. Said goodbye to my strong, intelligent grandmother. Started a new job. And then some. Today I got the chance for some quiet, peace and free time to process, reflect and figure out where I am right now. With life, with love, with myself, with the world.

Today I cleaned, my kitchen, my pets and my heart. Things became clear. Move on, move forwards, move up.
I am going to complete a full scale life clearout, getting rid of the clutter that weighs me down, literally in my day to day life, and emotionally through my negative habits and thoughts. I have read and admired http://makeundermylife.com/the-weeklies/ for a while now. Not realising how important Jess' vision and action steps are for me. So tonight, this week, this year, I look to where I am going, getting lighter along the way. If my bunnies teach me one thing, it is do what makes you happy.

Cue: my new start.

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