16 May 2011

A sad day. New starts...

Today was a difficult day for myself and my family. Looking forward to positive steps for growing in my future... 

I am looking forward to race season as my sprint tri is only 12 weeks away. In terms of preparation I have my swimsuit, shorts, bike and trainers. Still need a helmet, proper socks and a water bottle. Oh and to do a whole lot of running , biking and pretty much learn to swim. Gulp. So far my longest run has been 5 miles in roughly an hour. Swimming is, well, not good. I flap and splash and tire fast on my front. Biking is ok, just need to get the hours in to toughen up my calves.

I have typed up a 12 week tri plan from http://www.forgingtheathlete.com/triathlon/. My plan is exactly what is there, just with a rough yards to metres conversion for my swimming distances and some days moved about but all the same content week by week. Week One looks like this:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Bike 30min
Wednesday - Run 20mins
Thursday- Swim 350m
Friday -Bike- 50mins
Saturday- Run - 25mins
Sunday - Swim 450m

Some strong inspiration to start the week!

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