17 May 2011


Tonight I felt like some home cooked, healthy[ish] food. I raided the fridge, took inspiration from a few cook books and made....

Garlic mushrooms with rosted tomatos and polenta for main course, and then a banana and chocolate crumble to satisfy my sweet tooth.....Apologies if the photos are a bit gross - need to do some 'how to take nice photos of food' learning.

A little bit of foody background. I am intolerant to wheat, dairy and egg. The usual reaction to this is 'whoooa what do you eat?!'. Essentially, I go with if it grows in the ground, I can have it. I don't use a lot off 'fake' foods - even though there are some fab ones on the market. I am trying to learn how to be a better free-from cook, and prove that allergen free food does not have to be tasteless and disappointing [as so many of my attempts in the early days were]. I want to feel passionate about food and where it comes from as a major downfall of mine is subsisting on a diet of sweets and cereal.
Happy tuesday night eating!

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