22 Jun 2011

What is my blog about?

I was thinking hard yesterday. What is this blog about? What am I trying to do/make/be/sell/live here? After getting quite irate with myself about this I realised it all comes back to one thing.

For me, this blog is about making people feel better about themselves.

Pretty simple really, and pretty much all I ever want to do with my thoughts, words and actions. I read lots of blogs, I love pretty ones, sporty ones, foody ones, life affirming ones. All I really want from them is to come away with a new idea, a nice image in my mind and feeling a bit good about my normal self. I don't want to feel stressed about how my life should be, how other people seem to have perfect style/homes/careers/partners/lives/interest whatever area you feel lacking in here/.

Reintorudcing pie and chip - a blog a come to and feel better about yourself. Simples.

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