20 Jun 2011

22 before 22... update!

Here is the list. And how I did...

  • Blog every week
  • Link into someone else's blog
  • Win something [bouncy rubber ball in an arcade]
  • Cook vegetarian food [tried going vegan for a few days - YUM]
  • Play with my pets every day
  • Complete my garden remodel [done in line with my original vision... now the vision has grown]
  • Turn 22 with grace [party pics to follow!]
  • Do some yoga [Bikram - report to follow!]
Nearly there...
  • Read 7 book
  • Paint the bedroom [colours chosen and bought]
  • Weekly date night
  • Do my to-do list every day
  • Eat at the table most nights
  • Finish photo frame project
  • Stop wasting food
  • Lose those pesky last two pounds  [Complicated post to follow]
  • Floss every day
  • Make art for my home
  • Have a really good picnic
  • Start some origami
  • Make easter cards/gifts for family
  • Play on rockband and pretend to be ringo
I love a good list and found this really fun. Will give myself more time next go around... in fact I am off to pull together my next list.

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