13 Jun 2011

Duvet lover to a.m runner...

Last week I tried a wee experiment- what would my life be like if I got up and exercised in the morning? Pretty simple idea right - wrong! My week turned upside down [in a good way] and not keeping up the habit today only confirmed how good it was... Here's the [amazingly simple] way I did it.....

Step One - Getting your bum out of bed

The hardest part for me. I have never ever been a morning person. I LOVE bed. The duvet, pjs, toastyness, everything about it. Breaking the habit of a lifetime was completed in a few ways - going to bed on time. No matter how late I went to bed, I got up on time; this forces you into a routine so that even if you love late night TV, you will get so tired you go to bed on time [keeping in mind that time depends totally on you and your life]. Lay out your gym kit and water before bed, once you have crawled out of bed and into your kit you might as well go out. Set more than one alarm - I can very easily switch off an alarm in my sleep. Two did the trick for me, especially with one on the other side of the room. 
Just as a note - I look this cross every morning:

Step Two - Leaving your Chateau
Again, seems simple but is really not. I can very easily procrastinate my way through a five mile run by folding washing, making toast, having missing shoelaces/ipod/shoes/sportsbra/banana/brain. My way to deal with this, don't talk and don't do anything but move towards the door. The prep from the night before means everything else should be in place, just put up your blinkers to washing/pets/kids/partners/floods and get out the door. It will all be there when you get back and it'll be much easier to manage with endorphins.

Step Three - Do it
Go out, run, swim ,bike,  hop, skip and cartwheel your way to a happier day and a clear mind. Enjoy the journey - I saw wild bunnies, a fox and a very explicit part of a horse. All learning experiences. If you are playing mental games use the 'just do 5 mintues' trick. Most times, you will do more and even if you only do the 5 minutes, it was better than doing none at all.

p.s Why do I never look like this exercising? .

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