11 Jul 2011

I am late for everything.

I am late for everything. I am never, ever on time. I regularly fly by the seat of my pants to meetings, appointments, all life events really. This problem came to a bit of a head today.... I was 30 minutes late for a meeting and I .... told a big fib to cover my lateness.

Uh oh. Hold the pony. This is a problem.

This has gone beyond 'ah jess, always running late' to actually lying because I am embarassed. Right. Plan to solve this?
First port of call - my tardis time. I call it tardis time for this reason. I am lying in bed thinking, I need to swim, eat my cornflakes and feed my five pets before work. That will take oh.... about a hour.
WRONG. This is tardis time, swimming alone takes an hour.

How I will now attempt to tackle tardiness

First step - Accept how long things actually take.  I take an hour to get ready. Minimum. It takes 15 minutes to feed my zoo. 20 mintues to get to work [yes I know is is extra shameful that I am so late with such a short commute]

Second step - Go to bed on time. Silly but essential. The lateness cycle starts when I sleep for an extra hour/15mins/whatever and then spend the day playing catch up.

Third step - Prepare ahead of time to eliminate time suckers and faffing*. Pack lunch the night before, sort out gym bag, locate the essential passport/phone/animal/person ahead of the moment I urgently need it.

Fourth step - linking in with above BE TIDY. If I put the glue back where it lives, I won't waste 20 minutes looking for it. If I put my washing away after folding, I won't cause hurricane jessica when looking for that purple dress.

Now for action.... how long does dinner take to cook.............

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* Faffing - british word meaning to waste time doing something that can wait until later.

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