5 Jul 2011

July is going to be BRILLIANT!

My training, my life and my energy have be mega flagging. I know an awesome person who pushed me to make this month new, better and just brilliant. July plan of attack......Dan dan daaaaaaa..........

In my best month yet I have LOADS of energy, feel alive, fresh and confident.

I will devote time and energy 6 times a week into making my body stronger
I will feed my body and mind with nutritious food and WATER
I will work on accepting myself and feeling confident that I AM a strong woman

*Write out my plan and stick in on the fridge each week – go to bed knowing what the next day’s workout is
*Get to bed by 11 and up by 7 [only one hour swing each way even on weekends]
*Get my kit ready the night before. Sleep in it if I have to.
*Cycle to work 2 days a week
*Push harder in each workout. One more rep, lap, length or mile.  Just PUSH!

*Drink 2 cups of water at each meal
*Eat three meals each day
*Eat 5 fruit/veg each day
*Measure treats in the correct serving size before nomming
*Take multivitamin and calcium

*Complete daily maintenance plan [more on this later]
*Start reflection/acceptance journal
*Do something creative every day
*Do one thing that is just for my pleasure/happiness each day
*Have 5 minutes quiet time each day

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Virtual party on August 4th
Spa treatment as a reward

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