3 Jul 2011

Sunny...yesterday my life was filled with... sun.

This weekend was filled with sun.
Lovely, warm,glowing sun.
I put my sun cream on, got outside and chilled the heck out. Perfect. Read a book, went swimming, did some creative stuff, spent time in the country, went swimming.Ate a super yumtastic lasagne. Just good old fashioned fun.

As I am learning more and more about myself, I am finding out that sometimes the silliest things give me the happiest feelings. I am quite nervous about putting my head under the water in the swimming pool. This weekend I swam two lengths face down [and then out obviously] and jumped into the deep end. 

You are never ever too old to find out just how much fun that is.

The actual sun is meant to be disappearing tomorrow, but I feel all stocked up with warm yellowness.

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