25 Jul 2011

It's in my soddin noggin!

Something clicked for me this week. I had a BLAH week. Kind of angry BLAH kind of meek blah kind of what is my purpose in all of this blah.

I spent the week procrastinating, avoiding working out and making excuses. I got even more worried that I would never finish my sprint triathlon. I whined through two workouts with Mr P basically dragging me like a sad puppy. On sunday, when I finally bust through the procrastination and in a haze ended up on my bike - it all became clear in a disney-esque moment of beauty.

It is all in my head.

If I do or don't finish the run/race/cake. If I get up tomorrow and make that change. The limit of what I can do. It's in my soddin noggin!

I am the one that talked myself down this week. I am the one that made me feel like I can't so this. My body is tell me YES WE CAN and my noggin is telling NO YOU CAN'T. I  figure we have two options to deal with this...

Option 1. In the style of Jens Voight [guess who watched the tour this year] you can say ' shut up brain and do what I tell you'
Option 2. You are only as good as you last thought. Make it a bloody good'un then.

Personally I will be taking a double attacked approach to negative nelly brain cells.

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