20 Jul 2011

The bank of me

I love a good cheesy metaphor. 
I will start at the start. My other half [not really worse or better] is better than me at sport. All sport. Any sport.
I have been training for a triathlon, swimming twice a week for months. He has been about thrice in the last year. And he is faster than me.
I run for weeks, sticking to a plan. He does no training and completes half marathons around the two hour mark. No training people!!!
In the swimming pool this week, I nearly cried. I got super cross, splashed water in his face and shouted 'ITS NOT FAIR YOU NEVER TRAIN AND I ALWAYS LOSE AND ITS NOT FAIR I TRAIN HARD'.

He was calm, and said he knows, it doesn't seem fair. But we are very different, he spent his childhood and teenage years playing team sports. OFTEN. I did little to no sport or exercise. I used to play goalie so I wouldn't have to run about. He was a healthy weight the majority of his life. My weight has gone up and down like a bleedin yo-yo.

I then started to think about the idea of a health bank account a friend talked about earlier in the week. Your health is like a bank account, you make deposits when you eat good, move and keep well. You withdraw when you eat junk, sit still and beat yourself up. His bank account opened in childhood, and got regular deposits over 15 or so years. Mine has been opened, and closed, and then opened again. I put in deposits in bursts of energy, then withdraw all the money [read nutrients, muscle, self esteem] when I stop binge and sit on the sofa for a few months.

My account is like a baby savings account - it has great intentions but very little in in yet. His is a well established saver, with regular deposits to carry over the slow patches. Time to make some deposits into the bank of me..........

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