31 Jul 2011

July : My awesome toolbox

Better update to come as the triathlon looms near, reflecting back over July and things I have learnt/found again. Going to compile into a *virtual toolbox* for when the going gets rough....

Top 10 Strategies for Success
  • Your body is perfect: your eyelashes catch your sweat. This is a lyric from Regina Spektor and reminds me that my body is perfect as it is. Everything else is progress – and you can and love to sweat enough for it to drip down your face  
  • When you fall: get back up again. Just keep.on.going. Keep a clean plate, clean slate philosophy. 
  • Do something. Anything – go out and pull up a weed - just move. Anything is better than nothing and keeps momentum.
  • Make a picture. I love to create – make a vision of what your wellness looks like. Stick it somewhere you will see it.
  • Make a tracker. Put stickers on it – this has been a major motivation for me, rewarding myself with a sticker works. You are never too old for a star chart.
  • Visualise it. Can’t get out of bed in the morning? Imagine yourself getting up, into your kit and into the pool. Picture it properly. It works.
  • Challenge the negative. If you are having an ‘I am crap, I am worthless, I can’t do anything’ day’ challenge it. Try to make one good thought for as many negative thoughts- even if you don’t believe it on that day.
  •   If you eat a truckload of sweets and you fancy a grape eat it. Your body will thank you for the nutrients.
  • If you need to switch your rest day[s] – take it. Just make sure you make up the session sometime later in the week. 
  • Surround yourself with likeminded people. People who share your passion for life, love and making progress. You will feel better for it – if someone doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, you don’t have to make a fuss over it- just be aware how people make you feel and invest your time accordingly.

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