31 Jan 2012

January: Blue month survival toolbox

January is a miserable month. If it were a colour it would be dark blue and grey. It makes me feel doubly awful because even though it is the coldest, darkest, brokest month of the year - we expect to have limitless energy to persue resolutions that when we fail [even though they were unattainable in the first place] we beat ourselves black and blue about how much of a failure we are. That's without even taking into account the post christmas 'is this all there is?' feeling. I look like http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l6toxlsAv81qcwucro1_500.jpg throughout this month.

As today is the final day of January, I'm doing a little hooray inside and reflecting on what has got me through this month....

Shrink christmas

So this requires some planning ahead, but due to a mini meltdown I stripped back christmas to it's bare essentials and boy has it made the new year better. I did no travelling, didn't gorge myself and just enjoyed simple presents with people I love and who accept me exactly as I am - even if that is in pj's and weeping occasionally.

Spend time being cosy

This can quite easily be done with a hot cup of tea and a blanket. Very simple and cheap yet highly effective. Add in a homemade flapjack if you are feeling really in need. Just the one mind. In seriousness though, sometimes a little hibernation is good for us and helps us to reset our internal clocks. Getting enough rest and calm is as essential as brushing your teeth.... although I have yet to make a firm habit of of resting.

Be glad

When it looks black and miserable post this as you computer background. Feel good and grateful for the simple things you have and can do.

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