22 Aug 2011

Big dreams, porkie pies and the truth of the sea...

I have been thinking today about my 'word of the day' which is truth. My super cool chum bought me this little bag of cards, you pick one each day and think about the word. Simple. Truth made me feel a bit uneasy. I'm not a major liar, but we all tell porkies, probably more often than we like to admit. I know that I tell fibs about all kinds of things, how good I am at something, what I ate on any given day, how I really feel about a situation. When I think about truth, I assocaite with honesty, integrity, core and inner value. My own *truth*.

Thinking about this idea of truth today has made me look back to some of my big life goals. I have been working during the month of August on leaping out of my comfort zone - so far I have completed my first sprint tri, attempted a cartwheel, given blood and eaten vegan for a week. The more I push my comfort zone, the more I am realising what my *true* goals are. And they look scary from right here, sitting on the sofa.

Can I really *said in a tiny whisper* complete the half marathon coming up in september? What about a longer tri? Maybe an ironman? Could I do this vegan thing more of the time? An ultra race? Crazy sports?

The truth makes us think hard about who we are, where we have come from and where we are going. My truth right now is scary. Its a crazy year of peaks and mega valleys. Its rebuilding relationships from their foundations. Its travel and love and joy and hope and fear.

The biggest fear is how BIG and OPEN our truth looks. How endless the possibilties seem. When looking at the sea this weekend gone, I wondered if the reason surfers are so chilled out [sweeping generalisation I know] is because they accept and embrace this big open truth. Some days waves will come, other days they won't. Some waves will crap right on your dreams and ambitions of coming out on top. Others will lift you up with more joy than you knew possible. Its all open..... Now to updating that big dream list........

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