21 Aug 2011


This has been a yo-yo week for me. UP down UP down UP down UP down....... JuSt AbOuT LeVeL.

Did the vegan for a week
Gave my first blood donation
Ran 15 miles
Petted a super cute puppy

Less Good
Some dufus in a car threw something at me while I was running
Another dufus made a sarcastic 'well that looks hard' comment while I was running
My motivation was flagging anyway

Why so people that don't know you, your journey or your situation feel they have some divine right to make a comment about you just because you are exercising in a public place? Are they suddenly an expert on how to exercise?

It is never another fellow exerciser. It is always a stroller, or an onlooker. And not trying to make a sweeping generalisation, but they are generally larger than me. Do I pass comment when you buy a doughnuts? How about when you are eating a pie? When your kid is screaming for sweets at the checkout do I say something? No. I don't. Because I don't know your story. I have no idea what happened in your day. And I am certainly not going to be the negative nelly that makes you feel worse.

So, please, don't do it to me.


  1. Great post Jess! Sounds like a rough week. People are asses sometimes. I believe that if we continue to take the high road and "be the good" it will make a difference!

    Mike @ justalittlerun

  2. If it were that easy, they'd not be in a car and speeding away after being dufus's. Cowards.
    And if you gave blood, give yourself more credit! It can take several days to recover from that - so if you didn't feel too strong on the runs, that could certainly be part of the reason.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks peeps!I never thought about the blood thing... just figured I'd be fine!